In the 2014 campaign Barry is proud to be endorsed by the Independent Weekly, the North Carolina Chapter of the Sierra Club, and the Northern Orange Black Voters Alliance.

In 2010 Barry was endorsed by the Sierra Club and by the Independent Weekly. We also saw many letters in support of Barry published in local papers. You can read them here on our web site.

You can read the entire Independent endorsement online, and it is also excerpted below.

We strenuously endorse Barry Jacobs. He has a track record of leading on the county’s environmental and social issues, and gives us confidence that he can preserve the beauty of the county while moving it forward financially.

Jacobs’ 19-page questionnaire answers show his immense experience, both locally and regionally, as a leader of intergovernmental organizations. He’s by far the best versed in the issues, and in office, he often is the one moving the board forward with pragmatic solutions.

We can’t see any reason to cut the county off from this type of leadership and institutional memory and expertise. Even as we admire the work Broun has done in Carrboro, Jacobs best represents the county at-large, which is the intent of the seat.

The Independent Weekly, April 14, 2010

We look forward to hearing more endorsements soon!