2014 Campaign

I’m running for reelection for an at-large seat on the Orange County Board of Commissioners, a role I’ve filled since 1998.
The changes afoot in North Carolina, and in Orange County, are more pronounce than usual.
Our values and what autonomy we possess as a local government are under assault from the General Assembly and the governor. Meanwhile Orange County is guaranteed at least four of its seven commissioners serving in their first term in office starting in December, as well as a new county manager and a new sheriff.
Under those circumstances it’s especially important to have a commissioner aboard who has a wealth of institutional memory, who can keep us on course, can remind us of where we���������������������ve been and why we decided what we did.
But I’m about more than just remembering — I still have plenty of fresh ideas I’d like to pursue in the areas to which I’ve devoted energy over the years: public education, environmental protection and responsibility, supporting those least able to help themselves, economic development guided by a sound land-use plan, responsive and efficient government, promotion of local agriculture, improved public safety, a commitment to important quality of life facilities such as parks and libraries.
In the coming weeks I’ll add more detail as time allows. You can also visit my Facebook page: Jacobs for Orange.