About Barry

Barry has a long history of public service and commitment to the community:

I was raised in the suburbs of New York City to parents who grew up in the Bronx. While I liked the intensity and cosmopolitan nature of the New York area, I left as soon as I could, attending Duke University. I have resided in North Carolina since my first day as a freshman in August 1968.

For 35 of the intervening years I’ve lived in rural Orange County, where I farmed before becoming the caretaker at Moorefields southwest of Hillsborough. (That’s me behind the mule.) A 1785 house on the National Register of Historic Places, Moorefields sits amid a 70-acre wildlife refuge nearly adjacent to Seven Mile Creek. I arrived here in 1978, three years after I began writing professionally on politics, history, environmental issues, and sports on a freelance basis.

My love of the land, and of history, coupled with a professional’s passion for getting at the truth, have informed my work and political life ever since. I have been involved in public service in Orange County for more than a quarter-century as both an advisory board member and an elected official.

Since 1995 I’ve been married to Robin Lackey Jacobs, cat fancier, executive director of the Eno River Association, and partner in the law firm of Epting and Hackney. Currently five cats and two dogs of no particular pedigree keep us tamed.

Moorefields porch, by Chuck Liddy

Photo by Chuck Liddy, Durham Herald Sun 1989