Fundraising Letter


County Commissioner At-Large

Representing All Residents of Orange County

2105 Moorefields Road ∙ Hillsborough 27278 ∙ 919-732-4384 ∙

Dear Friend,

By now you know what kind of county commissioner I am. You know I work hard. I listen. I try to bring people together, not pit them against each other. I approach decisions with an open mind.

You know I try to build partnerships to better get things done.

You know I can be relied on to stand for Orange County values ����� values that must be well articulated and defended in a time of assault from state government and those who sow discord to gain personal advantage.

Because you know me, I’m asking you to help me with one more campaign for Orange County commissioner.

We’re not out of the woods yet in many areas I’ve made it my business to champion:

*Quality public education through support of both local school systems, to which the county proudly dedicates nearly half of our budget in the face of declines in support at the state and federal levels;

*Environmental protection and awareness, including smart county operations, an aggressive and still-evolving approach to handling solid waste, and of course our great Lands Legacy program preserving significant natural areas, farms and parks;

*Helping those least able to help themselves, from providing affordable housing to child care subsidies to robust health services to seeking fresh approaches to address poverty;

*Promoting diverse economic development guided by a sound land use plan, with an accent on growing and retaining local businesses, supporting tourism and the arts, and recruiting new firms like Morinaga, the Japanese confectioners;

*Assuring public safety by improving communications and response times and working with the sheriff and fire departments to provide common-sense service and protection;

*Keeping government affordable and efficient, spending to build needed infrastructure when times are good and paring overhead and avoiding increases in the general property tax when the economy has foundered;

*Leading the way to regional solutions in transportation, solid waste, open space and watershed protection, recognizing that communities often fare best when sharing resources and ideas;

*Providing amenities like parks, trails, pools, playing fields, libraries and senior centers that not only enrich our lives but bring us together;

*Advancing social equity by leading the county to pay a living wage, to provide domestic partner benefits, to extend services targeted to disadvantaged neighborhoods from Buckhorn to Cedar Grove to Rogers Road, and to embrace a social justice goal to guide decisionmaking;

*Nurturing a local agricultural economy, from establishing a thriving food processing center to devoting a staff person to ag economic development, from landing federal funds for a Hillsborough farmers market shelter to supporting a program to train new farmers;

* Promoting public transportation through a light rail line linking the county to the rest of the Triangle, coordinating with Chapel Hill Transit, and supporting an Amtrak station and meaningful bus options and park-and-ride lots in Hillsborough and central Orange County.

We’re in a time of considerable transition. Orange County will have at least four first-term county commissioners next year, along with a new manager and a new sheriff. The only commissioner senior to me is retiring.

We need someone on the board with experience and the institutional memory to keep us on course and to remind us of where we’ve been, someone who has built strong relationships within and beyond our borders, someone who brings countywide knowledge to the table each and every time the commissioners meet.

Government is first and foremost about service. My tenure as a county commissioner has been a high honor, one I intend to execute with the same passion, dedication, creativity and sense of fairness I’ve brought to the job so far.

But, like serving on the board, running for office is a team effort. To continue our work, I need the assistance of my friends to take my message to voters.

Please send a contribution and/or indicate your willingness to help my campaign in other ways. Make no mistake – this is a contested race.

I’m available to share ideas or to discuss problems as needed. My detailed positions and blogs are accessible at My Facebook page is Jacobs for Orange. I can be reached at or by phone at 919-732-4384 or 919-880-5270.

Thank you for working with me to keep Orange County the special place we love.