Frances Shetley: Jacobs working for all

Barry Jacobs could have no better endorsement than the one written by Thomas Crowder, the chair of the Triangle J Council of Governments (CHN April 14).
The title of the letter, “Jacobs courageous, atypical leader” fits him perfectly. Mr. Jacobs’ involvement with the Council of Governments shows that he is not only working for Orange County but to meet the goals of all of us.

Barry Jacobs has my vote for county commissioner. I hope he will have yours as well.

Frances Shetley

Letter to the editor published in the Chapel Hill News, April 28, 2010.

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Ruby Sinreich: Jacobs serves Orange well

Local blogger and activist Ruby Sinreich recently posted her personal endorsement of Barry on You can too!

I’ve known Barry since meeting him through a mutual friend and volunteering for his first campaign 12 years ago. Now he’s running for a fourth (and probably final) term on the Board of Commissioners. I don’t agree with every vote of ANY single elected official, and Barry is no exception. But I have found him to be smart, hardworking, and open-minded.

He brings a deep understanding of many critical issues facing the county such as smart growth, affordable housing, environmental preservation, economic development, and social justice. He has the experience to know the people and history on these issues, and knows how to get things done. There’s no part of the county that Barry doesn’t care about and hasn’t worked to improve, for example he has worked for the creation of a downtown Carrboro library in addition to helping to create the existing Cybrary and supporting increased funds for the Chapel Hill library.

Also, I helped to create his web site, so I hope you’ll visit it. 🙂

Ruby Sinreich
Chapel Hill

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Paul Falduto: Jacobs a proven leader on BOCC

I am writing to strongly encourage my fellow Democrats to vote for incumbent Barry Jacobs for Orange County Commissioner (At-Large). In his three terms, Barry, who lives in the Hillsborough area, has been very supportive of economic development and agricultural policies that benefit this part of the county. He started the annual county Agricultural Summit, now in its 12th year. He worked to obtain federal funding for the local farmers market and has championed the farm easement purchase program, which allows farmers to stay on their land instead of selling for development. He was instrumental in the creation of the new Piedmont Agricultural Processing Center, scheduled to open later this year in Hillsborough, results of a collaborative effort involving four counties, plus the state and federal governments. He is also a supporter of the proposed Buckhorn Village project, which will create hundreds of new jobs for northern Orange residents.

Early voting starts this Thursday at the County Board of Elections. Vote Barry Jacobs, For Orange.

Paul Falduto

Published in the News of Orange, April 23, 2010.

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Bob Epting: Jacobs unsurpassed

Barry Jacobs has worked harder than any elected leader I know to invigorate and civilize political dialogue in our community.

His skill and patience in listening to and accommodating competing views is unsurpassed in the more than 40 years I have lived and worked here.

His service as chair of the Board of Commissioners, as chair of the Triangle J Council of Governments, as chair of the OWASA Board of Directors, and as chair of the County Planning Board, confirms the confidence his peers have shown in his leadership skills.

The net result of his service has advanced our community’s watershed and natural resource protection policies; assured strategic land development planning and management; produced outstanding, efficient schools; created rural and farmland enhancement programs; and, always, underscored the special importance of promoting local and regional appreciation of water supply protection and conservation.

I encourage all Orange County voters to vote for Barry Jacobs in the May primary, and to re-elect him this fall as Orange County commissioner.

Bob Epting
Chapel Hill

Letter to the editor published in the Chapel Hill News, April 21, 2010

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Bryant Colson: Proven track record

On May 4 the citizens of Orange County will get the opportunity to exercise their right to vote. This is a right that I do not take for granted, a right that I personally cherish and consider a privilege in a country that, despite its faults, is the best in the world.

As a citizen of Orange County, I am extremely impressed with Commissioner Barry Jacobs. Having worked with Barry on the Human Relations Commission, I have noted his commitment to social justice and safe communities. His support to quality public education is unrivaled.

I have seen his passion and desire for sustainable economic growth by diversifying the Orange County tax base and reducing our dependence on residential property taxes.

Our agricultural heritage, affordable housing, senior and library services have all seen Barry’s support and efforts.

My vote on May 4th, will be for commitment, dedication and a proven track record. My vote will be for Barry Jacobs.

Bryant Colson

Letter to the editor published in the Chapel Hill news, April 21, 2010

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Brunch with Barry

[Ruby with her son Isidore] Chapel Hill native Ruby Sinreich (of the local blog OrangePolitics) is doing something a little different for her birthday this year. Instead of a throwing a party, she’s hosting a brunch in downtown Carrboro and inviting her friends to come out and meet Barry!

As Ruby wrote:

Barry is smart, thoughtful, and has a talent for understanding policy. Of course he’s also quite progressive or you know I wouldn’t be supporting him! This year he has two strong challengers and I want to make sure people join me in supporting him and spreading the word about why others should as well.

This isn’t a fundraising event (although I’m sure Barry would welcome donations) and it will be 90% socializing and having fun. I just want to take the opportunity to get people together to celebrate my birthday AND to learn why the best birthday gift to me would be Barry winning the Democratic, At-large primary on May 4th.

If you’d like to join us, you can RSVP on Facebook here:

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Davis Injury Yields Henson Revelation

My latest column was published at last week.

The news that Ed Davis decided to turn pro unofficially concluded North Carolina’s 2009-10 basketball season.

The Tar Heels have now yielded 19 players early to the NBA, going back to Robert McAdoo in 1972. That’s believed to be more than any other school, and an indication both of the caliber of players who come to Chapel Hill and of the handicap UNC coaches overcome year in and year out in maintaining program continuity.

In fact, you could argue the spotty results of the ’10 season reflected the difficulty, often overlooked, of adjusting to early departures.

Roy Williams did a masterful job of maintaining the program’s stride in 2006, a year after winning a national title and watching four key players leave early – Marvin Williams, Raymond Felton, Sean May and Rashad McCants. A similar exodus ensued following the 2009 championship, with junior backcourt starters Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington going pro alongside seniors Tyler Hansbrough and Danny Green.

Given recent precedent, it was easy to assume Williams and Company would adjust seamlessly.

So much for assumptions. Continue reading

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Steve Henry Herman: Jacobs sensitive to neighborhoods

I’ve voted for Barry Jacobs in every election, and each time there has been yet more reason to do so. Mr. Jacobs understands we are a county of established neighborhoods; when these neighborhoods are threatened by profit-driven developers, he does what he can to assure that any new development is done with proper care and respect.

Make sure to vote in the primary May 4 or we could see Mr Jacobs ousted by a candidate whose values could not be more different. Joe Phelps is the darling of the so-called “Tax Revolt” crowd; his primary objective seems to be to make it easier for developers to turn us into another version of Wake or Durham counties. Mr. Phelps was at best a disappointment as mayor of Hillsborough, and there is no reason to believe he would function any better as a county commissioner.

There is no question that Orange could use a better balance between its residential and commercial tax base. To get this right, however, will require leaders with Barry Jacobs’ experience, sensitivity and good judgment, or we will soon find ourselves living in a place we don’t recognize.

Steve Henry Herman
Chapel Hill

Letter to the editor published in the Chapel Hill News, April 18, 2010

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Barry Katz: Re-elect Commissioner Jacobs

Over many years, I’ve had opportunities to work with Commissioner Barry Jacobs and to observe him in his capacity as a steward for all the citizens of Orange County.

He is always extremely well-prepared to discuss the issues at hand, and he is respectful of his colleagues and his fellow citizens’ concerns in public meetings. He has invaluable experience and expertise in urban and rural planning, solid waste disposal, transportation, environmental preservation and affordable housing. I believe he is the most capable elected official we have who can address these issues in the future.

His position as chair of the Triangle J Council of Governments confirms that his leadership and personal qualities are highly respected throughout the Triangle region. I urge my fellow Orange County citizens to re-elect Barry Jacobs county commissioner.

Barry Katz
Chapel Hill

Letter to the Editor published in the Chapel Hill News, April 18, 2010

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Gratifying News

Major endorsements have come in, and the news is good. I was endorsed on consecutive days this week by The Independent Weekly and the local Sierra Club chapter. Both have endorsed me previously, although the Indy was more enthusiastic than it’s ever been.

The Weekly said it “strenuously” endorsed me, citing “a track record of leading on the county’s environmental and social issues” and my “immense experience, both locally and regionally, as a leader of intergovernmental organizations.”

Other excerpts:

* “He’s by far the best versed on the issues, and in office, he often is the one moving the board forward with pragmatic solutions.”

* “We can’t see any reason to cut the county off from this type of leadership and institutional memory and expertise.”


Thanks, Indy. And thanks to the Orange/Chatham Sierra Club!

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